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Lawn mowing

Mowing the lawn is one of the maintenance activities that requires regularity. Systematic and correct lawn care allows you to achieve an excellent aesthetic effect: the grass will look dense, uniform, bright green.

In addition, overgrown grass near the house can cause insects and snakes to appear.

You can order a lawn care service from Hello, Cleany! Our experts are fluent in cutting techniques and have professional equipment. Contacting us is a guarantee that the lawn will become your pride.

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About lawn care

The lawn is the decoration of the garden area. To make the lawn look beautiful, the lawn must be cut regularly on the site. There are a number of rules, violation of which makes a neat lawn unkempt. A job done right is a guarantee of a thick, solid and soft finish.

You need to cut the grass on the site quite often. This requires a special technique, as well as a lot of free time. If you are not ready to set aside a full day for lawn work every 1-2 weeks, you can order grass mowing from a landscape company.

The price of lawn processing depends on the volume and complexity of the work

The tariff is formed by:

  • ☑ type of turf;
  • ☑ the location of the site and the uniformity of the relief. The price per m2 of a plot on a slope will cost more than mowing a flat area;
  • ☑ the presence of debris (before mowing, the site must be cleared of stones, foliage, etc.);
  • ☑ the total area of ​​the site.

The specialist announces the exact cost of mowing the lawn after inspection.

Lawn mowing: the subtleties of the procedure

On fertile soil, with good watering, the grass grows quickly. It is necessary to shorten it to improve growth, eradicate pests, and make the surface soft. If you regularly forget to mow your lawn, difficulties arise:

Grass bushes do not grow wide. The coverage is high but sparse.

  • ☑ The sod layer is loose, and the root system is weak. With regular mowing, the roots compact the soil.
  • ☑ The upper blades of grass dry up. If they spread over the surface, after heavy rainfall, the grass begins to rot.
  • ☑ The first mowing of the lawn after sowing is carried out in one to two months, when the height of the blades of grass reaches 10-12 cm. The root system is still weak, and the mower can pull out whole bushes, therefore they cut the grass obliquely to a height of about 8 cm. For a roll lawn, this period is reduced to 2-3 weeks after styling.

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