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Carpet Dry Cleaning

In many houses there is a very important detail of the home interior - the carpet. Carpet on the floor gives coziness and comfort to all family members. But sooner or later there comes a time when the carpet needs to be cleaned: either a significant amount of dust has accumulated in it, or the carpet was somehow dirty.
Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is not recommended. You will not get the expected result and spend a lot of money on the purchase of unprofessional cleaning products.

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  • Rug cleaning Clean4U
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  • Carpet cleaning Clean4U
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Carpet Cleaning: Freshness to Your Home!

Does your home carpet affect your health and mood? You probably know the answer. If he keeps in his bowels unbroken dirt, smells and colonies of Those Most Terrible Dust Mites (did you see their portraits on the Internet?).

Of course, it will affect your well-being, because you have to inhale not the most healthy air. And if your carpet, except for designer ornaments, is decorated with spots, the battle with which you lost, it is unlikely to cheer you up.

Special conditions for rugs cleaning

Some types of pollution are difficult to clean (or not at all) to clean even with the most modern means and equipment:

  • old stains from vegetable oils, resins, varnishes, ink, paint, rust, red wine;
  • spots whose origin cannot be determined;
  • especially intense pollution.

In such cases, the Hello, Cleany! does everything possible to eliminate the stains from the carpet as much as possible, but is forced to warn the client that does not guarantee complete removal of contaminants. All details are discussed before ordering.

There is always hope: professional solvents often cope even with hopeless stains, but if high technologies in your case still turn out to be powerless, then your carpet will be 100% free from dust.

There are restrictions regarding the materials from which the carpets are made. Carpets made of the following materials are not accepted for dry cleaning or are accepted without warranty (with the consent of the client):

  • synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, polypropylene);
  • natural materials (jute, seaweed);
  • natural silk;
  • glued carpets.

Prices For Pattaya

Carpet Dry cleaning 1 sq.m. from 120 THB
Woolen Carpet Dry cleaning 1 sq.m. from 180 THB

Prices For Bangkok

Carpet Dry cleaning 1 sq.m. from 200 THB
Woolen Carpet Dry cleaning 1 sq.m. from 250 THB

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