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High-rise cleaning

Any office building, a shopping center or a hotel requires a status and neat appearance. Shining glasses and mirrors, which are often the main material of the facing, should be flawless. Well-groomed facade serves as a business card for all organizations working in the building. Therefore, the high-rise cleaning is so claimed today.

The trends of modern architecture, such as multi-storey construction, extensive glazing areas and the use of glass and mirror facing materials, contribute to an increase in demand for professional high-rise cleaning and search for new technologies for its implementation.

The most progressive direction of high-rise cleaning is industrial mountaineering.

  • industrial alpinism

The method of industrial alpinism for high-rise cleaning has significant advantages:

  • ☑ allows you to do without scaffolding and building cradle
  • ☑ has a short preparatory stage - no more one hour
  • ☑ costs for customer cheaper
  • ☑ provides the shortest possible time for cleaning
  • ☑ allows you to quickly carry out any scope of cleaning even the most hard-to-reach places
  • ☑ guarantees the highest level of safety of high-rise works

The services of industrial climbers (Spidermen) are particularly indispensable for the maintenance of modern high-altitude buildings with glass ventilated facade. Such buildings require careful glass cleaning at least twice a year.

The main types of work related to high-rise cleaning:

  • ☑ cleaning of facades
  • ☑ cleaning of windows and showcases
  • ☑ cleaning of advertising shields located on high-rise

For industrial climbers there are no inaccessible areas in height. The use of professional high-quality tools for cleaning and washing, as well as the latest technological equipment allows us to most effectively and quickly carry out all the necessary operations of high-rise cleaning.

In addition to cleaning, we carry out work on the sealing and painting of the walls.
The cleaning of industrial premises and warehouses is also included in the list of works that we do.

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