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Car interior cleaning

Off-site car cleaning is a very convenient service. You save time without the trip to a car service and have the ability to control the process.
* The service is available in Pattaya

  • Clean4U. Car interior cleaning. การทำความสะอาด
  • Clean4U. Car interior cleaning
  • Clean4U. Car interior cleaning
  • Clean4U. Car interior cleaning
  • Clean4U. Car interior cleaning

Cleaning the car interior at the location is a new service of the company Clean4U.
We use professional equipment that ensures the quality of cleaning. The experience of our employees is another important component of the service.
The main convenience is the location of the service. We can provide the service anywhere. But you must give our specialists access to electricity and water.
Important notice: we are not responsible for the technical condition of the car. Locks, engine, etc. - is not included in our area of ​​responsibility.
When cleaning the passenger compartment, the minimum amount of water is used. This eliminates problems with wiring and electrical equipment.

Why car interior dry cleaning needed?

Of course, when cleaning using a car vacuum cleaner and wet wipes, you get rid of a large number of fairly large particles. The impression of cleanliness and well-groomed interior. However, if you look carefully, you will find many contaminants hiding in the joints and recesses of the panels. Separately, it is worth mentioning about stubborn spots. Traces of technical fluids or natural dyes are extremely difficult to remove without special tools. This requires dry cleaning, during which powerful compounds are used. They are able to dissolve even the most complex contaminants. The process is painstaking, as the surfaces must be processed in detail.

The service is currently available in Pattaya. In 1-2 months, we plan to begin providing services in Bangkok.

Give it a try! This is a convenient service!

Prices For Car interior cleaning

Car 4-5 seats 2400 THB + 600 THB ceiling
Car 6-7 seats 3600 THB + 600 THB ceiling
Pickup, Jeep, Truck (dry cleaning) 4200 THB + 700 THB ceiling
Minibus, Van (dry cleaning) from 4800 THB (9 seats) + 950 THB ceilling
Pre-sale car cleaning: includes dry cleaning salon, ceiling. Cleaning and polishing of plastic from 4200 THB
Car 4-5 seats 2400 THB + 600 THB ceiling

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