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Air conditioners cleaning

The air conditioner does not cool well or emits an unpleasant odor when work? Remember how long ago you cleaned the equipment? But after all timely preventive measures are the key to uninterrupted work of technology.
The specialists of the "Hello, Cleany!" professionally, quickly, and efficiently carry out cleaning wall-mounted air conditioner.
Contact us at the first sign of equipment malfunction and for prevention. We’ll clean the elements of the split system and we will provide several other additional services.
We will do everything so that you can breathe clean air!

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About air conditioners cleaning

Professional cleaning ensures trouble-free and trouble-free operation of the device and prolongs its life. The accumulation of dirt, dust and fine debris leads to a decrease in the performance of the air conditioner and can cause quick breakdowns.
When should you contact a specialist?
Owners of climate systems need to call employees of the "Hello, Cleany!" Company in case of certain signs of incorrect operation of the device:

  • unpleasant odor emanating from the system or its filtration elements;
  • excessive heating of a working device;
  • ineffective indoor air cooling;
  • leakage of liquid from under the casing;
  • too noisy operation of the device, especially after switching on (gurgling, grinding, crackling, etc.)

Note that wall-mounted appliances are not only design to create a comfortable temperature by cooling the air, but also to effectively clean / filter it. During operation, a lot of contaminants accumulate in the systems - dust from the air, pet hair, houseplant pollen, the smallest particles of household waste, etc.

In the case of irregular cleaning or incorrect actions, the following problems appear:

  • overheating of the device;
  • poor quality of work (slow air cooling, interruptions in operation);
  • increase in energy consumption, often very significant;
  • sudden breakdowns due to premature wear of the main parts of the air conditioner;
  • deterioration of air quality and odor.

Low productivity of the device and / or its breakdown without the possibility of recovery is most often cause by irregular cleaning of filters or illiterate manipulations. Due to the accumulated debris, the entire climate system does not work correctly, and the power consumption also increases several times.

An air conditioner clogged with dirt is a breeding ground for pathogens and fungi. Viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores are carrying throughout the room by outgoing air currents. They become the cause of allergies and the development of infectious diseases, as well as a decrease in efficiency, deterioration in the health and well-being of office workers / owners of residential buildings.

Cleaning the indoor unit

It is producing with a complete disassembly of the block. A steam generator and special detergents are use, a service package is place under the unit to protect from dirt.

  • Cleaning the front panel;
  • Cleaning coarse and fine filters;
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger;
  • Cleaning the fan (turbine);
  • Antibacterial treatment of the evaporator;
  • Cleaning and testing the blinds;
  • Cleaning the drainage system;
  • Cleaning the drain pan;
  • Testing electrical connections;
  • Evaporator testing;
  • Troubleshooting without replacing parts.

Cleaning the outdoor unit

It is making with a partial parsing of the block. A pressure washer or steam generator is use, as well as special detergents.

  • Cleaning the outdoor unit casing;
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger;
  • Cleaning the fan blades;
  • Cleaning the grille air box;
  • Testing impeller operation;
  • Testing current consumption control;
  • Check freon lines;
  • Measuring the pressure in the system;
  • Minor repairs without replacement of spare parts.

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