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Individual cleaner or cleaning company?

Housekeeping can be entrusted to specially trained people, and personal time can be used for more important tasks. The question arises: how the services of a cleaning company differ from the services of an individual cleaner? We will understand what is the difference between an individual cleaner and an employee of a cleaning company, as well as what are the pros and cons of each of them.


Individual cleaner: what are the risks?

The cleaners are often called housekeepers. Unlike cleaning companies, a housekeeper is a private individual. Finding a good master and building trust with him is a long process. Before entrusting your house to a stranger, you will need to make sure of his competence and decency.

In addition, there are some nuances that you need to be prepared for:

  • If you turn to the services of a individual cleaner, the responsibility for the safety of the property falls on your shoulders. As a rule, agreements do not have any legal force. In any emergency, expenses will fall into your pocket. A scratched table, a broken vase, a stolen golden bracelet are your worries.
  • Many individual cleaners use cheap detergents purchased at a nearby store. Such funds can be dangerous both for surfaces in the house and for the health of the owners.
  • Individual cleaners practically do not use professional equipment.
  • The quality of the cleaning. Due to the lack of equipment, specialized cleaning agents, as well as professional knowledge, the quality of cleaning will suffer. Dust will remain in the cracks, stains on the glass are possible, and some persistent dirt and complex stains will not disappear.

If you find a person whom you fully trust, then there are positive aspects. Usually, the help of an individual cleaner is cheaper than the services of cleaning companies. If you are absolutely confident in the cleanliness and competence of a person, then you can save money.


Cleaning company services: advantages and disadvantages

The main difference in the work of an individual housekeeper and a cleaning employee is professionalism. Cleaning is a professional service. When ordering services in a cleaning company, you cannot worry about the reliability and effectiveness of employees. No need to spend time pre-evaluating the quality and safety of services. Why? We tell:

  • You do not need to follow the master. Professional cleaning companies guarantee both the safety of the client’s property and the quality of the services provided. You are insured against theft, damage to property and inexperience of employees.
  • You don’t need to evaluate the professional qualities of a specialist. Employees are already informed and trained.
  • You can be sure of the future. Troubles like the employee’s illness or his unforeseen personal circumstances will not violate your plans. The companies have a staff that have the same knowledge and skills, so cleaning will be carried out on schedule.
  • Masters have the necessary professional equipment and professional detergents. Don ‘t worry about the quality of cleaning and the harmlessness of funds for the body.
  • Cleaning companies have a wide range of services. Just by talking with the manager, you can order apartment cleaning, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets, washing windows, as well as dry cleaning the car’ interior at the same time.
  • Companies are interested in long-term cooperation. Therefore, discounts are provided for regular customers.

However, the price of the services of cleaning companies may differ from the cost of the services of an individual cleaner.

These details can help you decide which specialist you want to see in your home. And if your choice fell on the services of a cleaning company, then Clean4U will help you maintain home cleanliness and peace of mind.

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