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5 reasons to refuse dry cleaning

Communicating with customers, we often note for ourselves some points that we would like to talk about. In this article, we have compiled a list of reasons why people do not want to order dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture in cleaning companies. And also, we tried to explain why they are mistaken.

  1. Fear of unprofessional masters

Distrust of craftsmen is a common reason for refusing to dry clean. Do not completely disappoint in the field of cleaning due to the unsuccessful experience of several people. Remember that too low a price is likely to indicate an appropriate level of quality. It is important to take a critical approach to choosing a company, read reviews and study examples of work, and also understand how a professional dry cleaning should be done. Feel free to ask managers for a long time how and what the dry cleaning is done! So, you minimize the risk of choosing the wrong company.

  1. Do dry cleaning products harm your health?

There is a widespread opinion that the funds purchased by cleaning services for cleaning can leave a pungent odor and cause various allergies and diseases. This is a misconception: most professional dry cleaning companies use high-quality certified products that are hypoallergenic and health-friendly, with a complete absence of smell or a slight unobtrusive aroma of freshness. Problems arise due to the low qualification of the master, who may incorrectly select the tool or remove it incompletely.

  1. Belief in the ability to remove stains yourself

Belief in one's own strength is very important. But there are times when it is better to trust the professionals. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets does not tolerate amateurs. After self-cleaning, there may be an increase in the area of ​​contamination, poor-quality removal of detergents, deep penetration of contaminants into the structure of the material and their fixation. The stain can penetrate the fabric so much that no one will be able to remove it. Due to ignorance of the correct method and the lack of specialized tools, you risk increasing the area of ​​pollution. You can try to cope with minor stains yourself, but you need to be aware that the risk of harming furniture is high enough. We strongly recommend using only proven tools and methods!

  1. The high cost of dry cleaning

Many people are convinced that professional cleaning is expensive. In fact, dry cleaning a sofa or carpet will cost you two or three servings of popcorn in a movie theater. But you will be pleased with the cleanliness and freshness of just cleaned furniture or carpet. In addition, they will look like new. It is important to note that regular dry cleaning (at least twice a year) of furniture and carpet can extend their service life.

Often, attempts to save can result in only an increase in costs. Buying new furniture will cost you much more than dry cleaning.

  1. Lack of visible pollution

It may seem to you that if there are no noticeable spots on the carpet or upholstered furniture, then they are clean. However, the material of the product may be fraught with a hidden threat: bacteria, fungi, dust mites. The elimination of these problems can significantly increase the life of a carpet or furniture and save you from allergies and respiratory diseases, skin. Periodically carry out planned dry cleaning in the house so that the cleanliness in it is true, and not illusory.

In this article, we have compiled the most common reasons why people refuse professional dry cleaning. It’s up to you to decide what to do. In turn, we want to assure you that the experienced Clean4U staff will select the most effective detergent so that your furniture and carpet will look like new again. We carry out dry cleaning in accordance with proven technology and using effective and safe means. Our employees are trained, and trainees work under the strict guidance of mentors. We take responsibility for the condition of the furniture and carpet after dry cleaning. You have nothing to worry about. And our affordable prices will pleasantly surprise you. Trust the experts!

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