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10 life hacks to make cleaning easier

  • You can save time by pulling several bags on the waste basket at once. After using the top, you can immediately fill in the next.


  • This advice flows smoothly from the previous one in every sense: put several newspapers on the bottom of each bag. They will absorb moisture, and you do not have to wash the floors every time.
  • One of the recommendations for organizing space. Keep things upright, so you will have more space and do not have to tack the stacks with neatly laid out things every time.
  • Store your bedding sets in one of the pillowcases. So you don’t lose anything.
  • If you have a dishwasher, periodically put a sponge there along with the dishes and start the wash cycle. This will help sanitize the sponge.
  • If space permits, open a dirty laundry drawer with partitions to sort the laundry by color. So, it will be clearer what things should be washed first, and you will not waste time distributing them.


  • To avoid frequent washing of the refrigerator, wrap the shelves of the refrigerator with cling film. It will help keep the shelves clean and dry, and besides, when it gets dirty, removing it will not be difficult.


  • Many unnecessary bottles on the shelves in the bathroom cause dust to accumulate. Try to parse them and find out if you really need all this?


  • Are the socks unusable? Do not rush to immediately throw them in the trash. After washing, you can put them on your hands, dampen and wipe the shelves, window sills or cabinets. You will see that this is a convenient way when you try. It will be fun!
  • Did you notice limescale on the tap or shower? Call for help vinegar. Mix in a 1:1 ratio with water, pour the solution into a plastic bag, fix it on the problem spot with an elastic band and leave it for 30-40 minutes: during this time the coating will leave the surface and you will again see the surface shine. Attention, the solution should not be too aggressive, keep the proportions!

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